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About Dane and Associates
Dane & Associates was founded in 1997 as a cutting edge Automated Telecommunications Company. Quickly becoming a leader in the industry, Dane and Associates won their first Pollie Award in 2000. Dane & Associates proprietary algorithm for Polling and Surveys, continues to be an industry leader in accuracy. With early voting on the rise, Dane & Associates developed an Early Voting algorithm that has predicted the outcome of several hundred races, calling 98% of all upsets accurately.

Last year Dane & Associates added Tele-Townhalls, allowing candidates to contact tens of thousands of voters by phone in a town hall format. In 2014 we will be launching our Text to Donate application, which will help candidates fundraise and collect money faster and easier than ever before.

Taking advantage of its strategic partnerships Dane & Associates can take care of all communication needs including data, social media and online marketing.

About Tony Dane
Dane and Associates founder Tony Dane has over 30 years of experience in politics and public policy including two-decades in Telecommunications. One of the foremost authorities on Automated Telecommunication strategies he speaks around the country at campaign seminars hosted by Campaign and Election Magazine and the Association of Political Consultants.