Automated Telecommunications
Dane & Associates has been at the forefront of Automated Telecommunications since 1997. We can assist you in customizing your message so the maximum number of those who answer will listen to the entire message.

Automated Surveys have been proven to be more accurate than live surveys at a fraction of the cost. Over the past 15 years Dane & Associates has conducted surveys nationwide, our accuracy has been proven to be more accurate than our live polling competitors.

Exit Polling
In States that have early voting, Dane & Associates has developed a means to determine before an election what the outcome will be. You receive this information along with daily changes starting 2 weeks before the election. This information has changed the outcome of several races.

Statistical / Data Collection
Our patented software has the ability to collect demographic statistics, voter opinion, donation pledges and interest in volunteering by a simple touch tone response to the questions YOU pose to your calling universe. We have successfully gathered information in both political and commercial applications.

Promote An Event
Increase public awareness of a fund raiser, dinner party, open house, or any other event that you need to promote by leaving a personal message for each and every person in your calling area. We can program our dialer systems to play messages to live answers only, machines only, or a combination of both.

Meet the voters and talk to thousands of constituents. We have the ability to get you in touch with your constituents without leaving your home or office. We can screen any questions or callers to ensure the best townhall experience for everyone. Our software allows you to run the controls and screen the calls or our experienced screeners can do it for you.

Increase Your Response To Direct Mail Campaigns
Use Automatedcalling™ to increase prospect awareness of a pending mail piece. By leaving a message on the prospect's answering machine a few days before a mailer is to be delivered, you can increase your response rate to almost twice that of a stand-alone mailer. Save valuable marketing dollars or campaign funds by creating an interest in the mail piece your prospect is about to receive.

Text to Donate
Money is the life blood of a campaign. Not only do we have the means to turn a smart phone into a fundraising tool, but we can show a campaign how to market it and receive funds they normally would not have received.

Mobilize your Volunteers to make live calls from their home.
These are just a few of the suggested uses of our message delivery system. We can cater to any use you may have in mind. If you would like more information or would like to talk to someone about our services in person, visit our contact page and e-mail your regional sales associate. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.